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Stanley Hudson at MSU Graduation!!!

Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker) was at Mississippi State's graduation on Friday night! Big news for people who like both The Office and Mississippi State, sort of.

Photo from Facebook -- used with author's permission

I woke up this morning and checked the twitter to find our boy thecristilmethod's tweet about Stanley Hudson being at the MSU graduation ceremony last night. My jaw dropped.

If you aren't a fan of The Office, then you probably have no idea who this guy is. If you are a fan, then you probably know I am based on the amount of references I put in my writing.

A few things came to mind here:

  • Why was he there?
  • Where is his crossword puzzle?
  • How loud did Braden Bishop scream when he saw this tweet?
  • Did they have giant pretzels at the Hump?

I'm a big Stanley fan. I still tell my wife to "stick it up your butt" from time to time.

While he was in Starkville for this commencement, I was watching my recording of this week's episode (which was the 2nd to last [SAD FONT]), and saw this - which I found Stanley's dancing to be hilarious...

Darryl's Departure Dance - The Office (via AlPacinoFan101)

If you've never gotten into The Office, good news: summer is coming up and you'll have plenty of time to watch the entire show start to finish.

UPDATED (12:24 p.m.)

According to Instagramer Derek Cameron, Lesley David Baker was seeing a relative graduate Friday night.

Leslie David Baker, aka Stanley Hudson from The Office, was at my college graduation. Yes, that really is him.#collegecareermade #TheOffice

@rachel1067 Well he started cheering at one point when one of the grads crossed the stage, so apparently he had a relative graduate tonight.@kellyroberts912 I know, we debated it for a little while but he was identical to him - same mannerisms as Stanley and everything. Also, @emerkle saw him and confirmed my theory. Nonetheless, I was pretty pumped.

Here's the picture of Stanley sitting in The Hump.


Wait. Is that Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration sitting behind him?