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It looks like we've settled into Omaha, Nebraska quite nicely, so let's have a place to discuss things of the Omaha variety.


Upon the suggestion of What a Mooron!, and seconded by AZ Dawg, I've opened up an open thread for a remainder of the College World Series, as long as Mississippi State is participating.

The point here is just for pure discussion of this baseball team, what's going on, etc. (There will be a separate game thread for each remaining game brought to you by TBB).

Potential topic:

This is your place to discuss the Oregon State vs. Indiana game tonight (Wednesday) as the Dawgs will play the winner.

This is a pretty exciting time to be a Bulldog. We have a chance to be the first program from the state of Mississippi to win a consensus Division I national championship.

We'll be posting some more articles and things along the way, but I'll keep this up at the top all week. Hail State!