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The Bench Mobb Tribute

The post dedicated to all things "Bench Mobb"

Fear the Beard
Fear the Beard

Over the past couple of weeks the Bench Mobb (second 'b' silent) has become one of the many endearing things surrounding this baseball team amongst beards, you tube videos and winning.

You know about the song. You know about the video to that song. You see them going crazy in the dugout with their rituals, but I don't think there has been a press release for that yet. I've scoured the game film, and while I won't catch all the antics, here is the schedule each game for the Bench Mobb -


  • Ross Mitchell
  • Evan Mitchell
  • Jacob Lindgren
  • Trey Porter
  • Mitch Slauter
  • Trevor Fitts
  • Myles Gentry

Pregame: Lots of clapping and chanting, slapping the dugout walls, then Trey Porter and Mitch Slauter toss Ross Mitchell out of the dugout just prior to first pitch relying on his cat-like reflexes to land on his feet (the entire MSU fanbase holds their breath that he doesn't turn an ankle).

1st inning: Yell at the opposing pitcher to make him feel bad about himself.

3rd inning: Free-style rapping brought to you by Slim Hossy, Chunky and Easy E. Although Easy E. (Evan Mitchell) is caught on TV more than anyone. In fact, Evan never appears on screen without his lips moving.

Rally Time: "Team No Undershirt" lead by Trevor Fitts. Unbutton the jersey nearly all the way down whenever a rally is needed.

I'm not sure if the 3,129 different types of rally caps used this year are Bench Mobb inventions, but they are done on the bench none the less.

Ross Mitchell's dad made the "Bench Mob" hats you see on TV. Unfortunately he left of the silent 'b', inadvertently giving more character to the group.

Still can't get enough Bench Mobb? Here's a video they made for the NCAA. nd check it out - Bench Mobb t-shirts!