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This Week in MSU Baseball: OMAHA PT. DEUCE

MSU takes two wins in their first two ball games of the College World Series to put them just one win away from a National Championship Series.

Wes Rea celebrates in the eighth inning Monday night as Trey Porter brings he and Demarcus Henderson home to give State the lead for good.
Wes Rea celebrates in the eighth inning Monday night as Trey Porter brings he and Demarcus Henderson home to give State the lead for good.

Much to our surprise (not the team's) the Diamond Dawgs keep on producing magic. For the second time in as many games in Omaha, MSU came from behind in the eighth inning using late inning heroics, this time from Trey Porter, to move all the way to Friday forced to be beaten twice from the team coming out of the loser's bracket.

It was only the second time in MSU history that the Bulldogs have won two games in the College World Series and State set the record for most postseason wins as they are now 10-2 in the SEC Tournament, Starkville Regional, Charlottesville Super Regional and the College World Series.

More importantly, the Bulldogs never showed that they were down. They stayed the course and continued to show their poise. An amazing stat throughout the postseason is what MSU has done with two outs in the inning. In 12 ball games in the postseason, State has accumulated 58 hits and 34 RBI scoring a total of 38 runs and batting .354. 10 of those 58 hits have gone for extra bases with eight doubles a home run and a triple and they've walked 13 times.

Leading the way at the plate has been the two leaders on the team, Wes Rea and Adam Frazier. The two have combined for a .402 batting average knocking in 20 runs on 43 hits, while scoring 16 runs of their own and driving nine doubles, a triple and a home run.

Now let's take a look at some stats as the season is winding down to a close, while at the same time just heating up for the Bulldogs. Stats haven't been updated for SEC, so bare with me as I had to figure the numbers manually.

Individual Offense

Batting Average: 6th- Adam Frazier (.360); 7th - Hunter Renfroe (.357)

Hits: 1st (T-1st in NCAA)- Frazier (105); 5th (T-33rd in NCAA) - Renfroe (87)

Slugging %: 2nd (27th in NCAA) - Renfroe (.631)

On Base %: 4th- Alex Detz (.454); 9th- Renfroe (.442)

Runs Scored: 2nd-Frazier (T-28th in NCAA) (61); 5th-Renfroe (55)

RBI: 3rd (T-23rd in NCAA)- Renfore (62)

Doubles: 1st- Frazier (T-36th in NCAA) (20); T-9th- Renfroe (16)

Triples: T-1st (T-6th in NCAA) - Frazier (7)

Home Runs: T-2nd (T-14th in NCAA) - Renfroe (15); T-7th- Wes Rea (7)

Total Bases: T-2nd (13th in NCAA)- Renfroe (154); 4th (T-39th in NCAA)- Frazier (139)

Walks: 2nd (T-11th in NCAA) -Alex Detz (53); T-11th- Renfroe (35)

Hit by Pitch: 3rd (T-28th in NCAA)-Brett Pirtle (20)

At Bats: 1st- Frazier (292); 6th-Bradford (250)

Team Batting

Batting Average: 3rd (.296)

Hits: 3rd (7th in NCAA) (691)

Slugging %: 4th (.390)

On Base %: 3rd (34th in NCAA) (.386)

Runs Scored: 3rd (26th in NCAA) (409)

RBI: 3rd (365)

Doubles: 4th (102)

Triples: 4th (15)

Home Runs: 7th (29)

Total Bases: 3rd (910)

At Bats: 2nd (2335)

Walks: T-3rd (14th in NCAA) (284)

Hit by Pitch: 3rd (79)

Stolen Bases: 5th (58)

Team/Individual Defense and Pitching

Earned Run Average: 4th (14th in NCAA) (2.77) Leaders: Ross Mitchell- 1st (8th in NCAA)- (1.31)

Opposing Batting Average: 4th (.225) Leaders: R. Mitchell-9th (.208)

Innings Pitched: 2nd (616.1) Leader: Kendall Graveman- 5th (108.0)

Strikeouts: 1st (3rd in NCAA) (569) Leader: Jonathan Holder- 7th (86)

Wins: 3rd (50) Leaders: R. Mitchell- 2nd (T-3rd in NCAA) (13); Chad Girodo- 7th (T-48th in NCAA) (9); Graveman- T-11th (7)

Saves: 2nd (23) Leader: Jonathan Holder- 1st (4th in NCAA)- (20)

Appearances: Leader: Chad Girodo- 3rd (35); R. Mitchell and Holder- 6th (32)

(Least Amount) Hits: 7th (507) Leaders: R. Mitchell- 12th- (66)

(Least Amount) Earned Runs: T-8th (190) Leader: R. Mitchell- T-1st- (13)

(Least Amount) Doubles: T-3rd (68); Leader: R. Mitchell- T-8th (9)

(Least Amount) Triples: T-2nd (5) Leaders: R. Mitchell and Pollorena -T-1st (0)

(Least Amount) Home Runs: T-4th (21) Leaders: R. Mitchell and Pollorena- T-6th (2)

(Least Amount) Intentional Walks: T-1st (3)

Fielding %: 8th (.971)

Chances: 1st (2729) Leader: Wes Rea- 9th (491)

Putouts: 2nd (1849) Leader: Rea- 6th (461)

Assists: 1st (802) Leader: Frazier-1st (232); Pirtle- 6th (176)

Double Plays: 2nd (4th in NCAA) (77) Leaders: Frazier-2nd (60); Rea- 6th (47); Pirtle-T-10th (42)

Now we turn to tomorrow. The Bulldogs have a rematch with the number three overall team in the land, Oregon State. State was just a few feet away from losing that first game but stayed alive. Oregon State eliminated both Louisville and Indiana to get back into a position to defeat MSU.

State has several options on a starting pitcher and haven't released their decision yet. Look for Luis Pollorena (6-3, 4.32) to get the start in what could be the biggest ball game in MSU baseball history to this point. If State wins, they are in the National Championship Series. A loss means the Bulldogs and Beavers meet for a decisive ball game on Saturday.

Gametime on Friday is set for 2 p.m. to be broadcast on ESPN.