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FWtCT Picks the SEC -- Week 3

We're already entering week three of the season, and after a slow week last week, we've got some (well, at least one) marquee game on the lineup for the SEC this weekend. Let's see who everyone picked.

This has nothing to do with the SEC, but how can you pass this picture by?
This has nothing to do with the SEC, but how can you pass this picture by?
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

After two quick weeks, we're into week three of the college football season, and a weekend that features maybe the most anticipated game all year. That's right, it's LSU vs. Kent State! No seriously, it's safe to say that everyone is fired up to watch the rematch of Texas A&M and Alabama this weekend, as the Tide try to avenge their only loss from the 2012 season. That game highlights an SEC slate that's much improved from last weekend, but still a big lacking in quality matchups across the board. Let's take a look at the games, and who everyone is picking.

SEC Picks -- Week 3

  • The first game on our list is a rivalry game that we typically see on the opening Sunday, Louisville vs. Kentucky. This game has all the makings of an ugly rivalry game, and it looks like we're all in chorus with who wins here: Louisville.
  • Southern Miss' nightmare from last season just doesn't seem to end, and after a brutal trip to Nebraska last week, they travel to Arkansas, another tough, tough place to play. The Hogs aren't nearly as good as the Huskers, but we all still think this is another L for the Golden Eagles. 0-15.
  • In what is a marquee game in name but not necessarily on the field, Tennessee travels out to Oregon to take on the Ducks. Tennessee may be on its way back, but their at the bus station still waiting for that ride home as a program right now. Oregon is the unanimous pick here as well.
  • And finally, we're to the game. We'll this game live up tot he hype? Can Texas A&M take down the Tide two years in a row? Will Johnny Manziel have another outstanding performance against the Alabama defense? From the looks of our picks, it looks like all of us, save robnoladog, are in agreement: Bama keeps the two-peat from happening.
  • In inter-divisional SEC game this weekend, Vandy travels to South Carolina. Even with the Gamecocks coming off a tough loss, it looks like the majority of the group is taking USC here.
  • LSU over Kent State at home this weekend. No need to waste anymore time talking about that one.
  • Ole Miss - Texas: a game that a month ago looked like it would be a Texas win, barring an upset. Now, after the Horns defense has completely fallen apart, Ole Miss goes into Austin with the belief of many that they can win. Can they? Will they? It looks like our panel of contributors is nearly evenly divided, with six votes for Texas winning, and four for Ole Miss.
  • And finally, we come to our own game: Mississippi State versus Auburn. This one is split right down the middle, with five of us taking Auburn, and five taking MSU.

Overall, it should be another exciting weekend worth of games. Who all are you taking this weekend?