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FWtCT Picks the SEC -- Week 4

Three weeks are behind us, and we're entering the second quarter of the college football season. Week four may be the weakest schedule we've had so far, but just a month ago we had no football, so we'll take it. All of it. Now check out who everyone is picking this week.

Stacy Revere

We've hit the early season lull portion of the schedule, where most teams are cleaning the final cupcakes out of their cupboards and preparing for full on conference play. There really is only one decent game in the SEC this weekend, but nevertheless, here are your Week 4 SEC picks from FWtCT staff and alumni:

SEC Picks -- Week 4

  • I told y'all this was a weak week. Vandy, Georgia, Texas A&M, and MSU are all unanimous picks over what should be easy nonconference home games.
  • Florida is also a unanimous pick in its Rivalry game against Tennessee. This game has been good in years, but not recently, and with the Volunteers rebuilding, it looks like we're all in agreement that this one goes to the Gators again in 2013.
  • In the two semi-intriguing games of the weekend, Arkansas returns a trip to New Jersey to take on Rutgers, and Missouri travels to Indiana. Just a few games into the Bret Bielema era, no one really knows what Arkansas has in 2013, and they're a bit banged up. No one really knows what Rutgers has either, however, so this game could go to either team. Looks like the staff, save for a few of us, is picking for the Razorbacks though.
  • In the other game, Missouri travels to Indiana to take on the Hoosiers. Now sure it may be true that Indiana is a perennial doormat in the Big Ten football-wise, but they did whip up on a decent Bowling Green team last week 42-10. Are they better than we thought, or is Bowling Green just Bowling Green? We'll find out Saturday. Missouri seems to be decent, but again, who have they really played? Looks like everyone except me, Justin and Robbie are taking the Tigers here.
  • And finally, Auburn finally leaves the comforts of home and travels to Baton Rouge to take on LSU. Even though this game seems to favor LSU heavily, this has usually been a closely contested game. State fans hope it's that way again this year, so maybe the loss last week stings just a tad bit less. Looks like we're all taking LSU though.

That's it for us in week 4. Happy viewing everyone!