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FWtCT Picks the SEC -- Week 5

We don't have a dog in the hunt this weekend, but there is a pretty nice slate of games in week 5, so we decided to go ahead and make our weekly picks.

Can Georgia take down the Tigers of LSU in this weekend's biggest matchup?
Can Georgia take down the Tigers of LSU in this weekend's biggest matchup?

SEC Picks -- Week 5

  • Since we started picking games last season amongst the group, this may be the closest we've ever come to having a completely unanimous selection of picks. There is only one game with a different winner picked, and in that game only three people are picking the different winner.
  • Florida, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Tennessee, and South Carolina are all unanimous selections to win in what look to be easy matchups for them this weekend.
  • In a pretty decent matchup this weekend, Texas A&M travels to Fayetteville to take on the Razorbacks. Although Vegas somehow had this game as a three point spread, we are all taking A&M in this game that they should easily win. Unless of course Johnny Manziel is dead and no one outside of Vegas has been informed of it yet.
  • In one of the biggest matchups of the weekend, Ole Miss travels to Tuscaloosa tonight to take on the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide. Following a 3-0 start, there is no shortness of confidence coming from Rebel fans, players and coaches alike, and it seems that they are going into their game tonight believing that they can beat A.J. McCarron and Alabama. It should be a good game, but it does look like we're all taking Bama here. Sorry, Hugh.
  • And last but certainly not least, the biggest matchup of this weekend pits perennial SEC powers LSU and Georgia against each other in a top 5-ish showdown. This game was set essentially as a push, and it's understandable given the talent of each team. Even though Georgia is at home in this one, it looks like the majority of us are taking the visiting Tigers to win in Athens.

That's it for our Saturday selections. Who are you guys and girls picking today?