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National Signing Day BINGO! - (UPDATED)

Planning on following along with National Signing Day tomorrow for your favorite school? Why not have some fun and play a little National Signing Day BINGO at the same time!

[UPDATE 2] - Thanks to Reason2Succeed, we now have the bottom right corner checked off as well. (source)

[UPDATE 1] - In update one we crossed off "mom steals NLI", "recruit signs with school rival to his commitment", and "recruit uses live animal to announce decision."  Oh don't worry, we have proof of each.

"mom steals NLI" - (source)
"recruit signs with school rival to his commitment" - (source) (2nd source)
"recruit uses live animal to announce decision." - (source below)

For the record, yes we realize that Solomon didn't technically use a "live animal", but I mean come on, how many times do you see a guy announce using a tree! It's live at least?  Whatever, we're claiming it.

We'll continue to update as the day goes on.  If you spot any others, please let us know in the comments or on the Twitter box.

UPDATE, 2/5/2013 - As lunch time approaches, we finally have some updates to the BINGO card for those who are playing along.

NSD Bingo

[download your own copy here]

After 364 days of recruiting, offers, commitments and decommittments, National Signing Day is almost here. For those who plan to follow along with all of the day's festivities, why not enhance your experience with a little National Signing Day BINGO?

We started to make the BINGO card MSU-specific, but then we realized it would be more fun (and easier) to make the card for National Signing Day as a whole. So if you plan on updating your Twitter, 247 sports page, and favorite message board all day tomorrow, go ahead and add the NSD BINGO card to your to-do list as well!

We will be updating the card as best we can throughout the day on Wednesday, but if you spot any updates that can be made, please make sure to share them with us here in the comments, or on Twitter. (@cristilmethod@mstatesports@fwtctrecruiting).

PLEASE NOTE: Although we're providing the card to you today, the game does not officially begin until 12 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Best of luck both with your BINGO card and your respective school's 2014 signing class.