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Mississippi State’s Former Mascot, Bully XX, Passed Away

Bully XX, also lovingly known as Champ, passed away.

Oklahoma State v Mississippi State Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Former Mississippi State mascot and all around beloved bulldog Champ passed away due to “complications from congestive heart failure,” per Mississippi State athletics on twitter.

The twentieth dog to earn the title of “Bully,” Champ served as the mascot during the dawn of the Dan Mullen era and witnessed some of the greatest highs in Mississippi State history. He was on the sideline as Mississippi State ascended to the top of the college football food chain in 2014 with the consecutive victories over LSU, A&M and Auburn.

Champ had a pretty good life. He got to watch sports and travel with the team and eat good food and drink gatorade. That’s a pretty good life for any creature on this planet. And forever my favorite memory of Champ will be the gifs of him exercising with his dog goggles.

Thanks for the memories, Champ. Rest in peace, buddy.