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Rae Sremmurd Promises A Concert at Mississippi State’s Amphitheater if Bulldogs Win the National Title

The Mississippi natives are supporting the Bulldogs by promising to put a concert on at the amphitheater.

Mississippi State v Connecticut Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

At this point, most Americans at least have heard of Rae Sremmurd, in one way or another. And if you’re from Mississippi, then you likely know that the duo is as well. And, subsequently, the young rap duo loves to support the state and the sports teams in the state.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when that they’d be thrilled with the Bulldogs doing the unthinkable and beating UConn.

But what might come as a surprise is how they want to celebrate this team’s success and what they’ll do if MSU wins it all. Swae Lee and Slxm Jxmmi want to put on a concert on Mississippi State’s campus. Specifically, the Amphitheater.

Here’s to hoping that the Bulldogs can claim the title. 1) Because we need a championship. It’s time. 2) Because I don’t want to see South Carolina win it. 3) Because this would be a fantastic concert.

Make this happen, please.