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Matt Insell Continues Trolling Mississippi State Despite not being able to Beat Them

Matt Insell took a veiled jab at Mississippi State on Twitter after the Bulldogs came up short in the National Championship Game.

I know many fans of the Mississippi State Women’s basketball team are feeling a little blue after the team couldn’t overcome South Carolina to win the National Championship. The good news is Matt Insell, head coach of the Ole Miss Women’s Basketball team, always finds a way to make a fool of himself, and in the process, make State fans a little bit happier.

Matt Insell’s most recent tomfoolery came on Twitter this time around. He tweeted this out after South Carolina won the National Championship.

That’s not that big of a deal. Most Mississippi State fans won’t care about it. What they WILL care about is what Matt Insell did next. Twitter user @SamCWebb replied to the tweet. Why is that important? Here’s a screenshot to show you why it is important.

Sam insinuates that Mississippi State cheats at Women’s basketball. He’s a Rebel fan, so no big deal. But look at the top. Insell retweeted it.

The tweet has been deleted, so I don’t know if Insell undid his retweet, or it just disappeared from his timeline because the original tweet went away. Now, it is important to note that retweets do not always mean agreement. But retweets are consistently done by Twitter users to show agreement or to bring attention to something.

So let’s just say Insell didn’t necessarily agree with this. But the only other explanation is he wanted to draw attention to it. It seems very odd for a coach to make accusations of misconduct in such a public forum, unless you’re Lane Kiffin. Does Ole Miss want to start modeling their program after him?

This is a continued effort by Insell to troll Mississippi State. He does this all the time, despite the fact he hasn’t beaten them since his very first time to play them back in 2014. He takes the rivalry to new levels. Here is one of my favorites.

But as good as that is, this one is even better. As the tweet points out, Matt Insell has lost all five games since he made this speech.

So Matt, feel free to keep trolling Mississippi State. I personally am very thankful for it. You are a wealth of unending content for our site. And your recent antics are just what Bulldog fans needed to get a good laugh after a really tough loss. Appreciate you looking out for us.