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Is Mississippi State getting white versions of the popular "100-year commemorative" uniforms?

There has been some talk over the last week or so about MSU getting white, road versions of its popular 100-year commemorative uniforms.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

It's been over a week since the Mississippi State football team took the field, and when fans have that kind of down time, things tend to get floated around.  One such "thing" or item of discussion that I've seen floated around in several places since MSU's win over Auburn two weeks ago was that the Bulldogs could be getting a white, "road" version of its ultra-popular "100-year commemorative" uniforms.  As you may recall, those were originally made for the Southern Miss game only, but they've proved so popular that State has worn them three more times since then against LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn.

The first place I saw the possibility pitched was on sixpack about a week ago (there's also a mock up of what they would look like inside that link).  The poster claimed that Adidas was shipping out the white uniforms for retail in advance of MSU wearing them for the first time this week against Kentucky.  Since that post I've also had at least one other person tell me they've heard that the white special uniforms were coming as well, so as per internet rules, it must be true.

Creation of the white uniforms for road games would make a great deal of sense, especially given the time that has passed since they were revealed and immediately publicly praised on Labor Day weekend.  Thanks to LSU's choice to wear white in a home-stand several weeks ago, the Bulldogs were able to wear their new maroon unis, so this would be the first "big" road game that the white, away uniforms would be needed.  It would also be a perfect time to break them out with the Bulldogs and Wildcats tabbed for a national audience on CBS Saturday afternoon.

Will the white unis come true?  I certainly hope so.  MSU has been announcing its uniform combinations for each game on Thursday, so hopefully we'll know for sure in just a few days time (might also want to download snapchat just in case).  Oh and MSU, if you happen to be reading this, please just make the commemorative uniforms permanent.  I make that request for two reasons: 1) they are much, much better than our "normal" unis; and 2) it gets tiring having to type "100-year commemorative" every time y'all wear them.

Hail State