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MSU News & Notes - April 25, 2014 | Rain delays, extension delays, arrests

Your News & Notes for Friday on MSU's suspended Thursday game, two MSU players (one former) arrested, Fresh Prince jerseys, and more.

ESPN MediaZone

Even without just a ton to talk about, there are a good many links to check out this morning from around MSU sports.  In the future I'll try to beef up the non-MSU links to provide a little more balance.

baseball logo MSU Links

Baseball Series Opener With Texas A&M Suspended By Rain -

An early offensive outburst helped Trevor Fitts relax and find a groove before rain shut down MSU and Texas A&M's series opener last night.  Fitts was dealing, and he looked like what he's always been capable of when he can work his secondary pitches well.  The bad news is that he's now done since the game's finish was suspended until today at 6 p.m. before game two, but the good news is that MSU got six really good innings out of him and will have a 4-1 lead with three innings and a full compliment of bullpen pitchers available.

I have to say that I quite enjoyed ESPNU's coverage of the game last night.  It had more of a relaxed atmosphere to it, as college baseball color commentator Kyle Peterson called the game from literally in Left Field Lounge at Hobie Hobart's Tiki Hut setup in right field.  Peterson looked like he had a strong case of the meat sweats when he got back to the booth just before the rain set in, which means that he ate his weight in everything on Hobie's grill, as he should have.

Are we the first school that ESPN has ever broadcasted a game from the outfield?  Should we make a t-shirt about it?

Let's make a t-shirt about it.  We like to make t-shirts for everything these days.

Mississippi State not ready to announce Mullen deal yet - Clarion Ledger

Awhile back we saw reports that Mullen's deal was finalized, but apparently that is not the case.  Both OM and MSU like to keep coaching contracts extended to their maximum lengths as allowed by state law, and right now Mullen's deal is just one year under that max.  It appears as though he and MSU are still negotiating on details for that final year, or maybe they are done and just don't want to release the details yet.  Either way, this isn't anything to lose sleep over.

Current MSU player, former player arrested - NE Daily Journal

It's absolutely sad to see guys throw away their careers on something so stupid as getting arrested, no matter what it's for.  Throw in the fact that it's on burglary, and it's even dumber.

Hold on a second....

[/spins this into an anti-NCAA piece on how they wouldn't rob if paid]

Nice catch: West Coast freshman making strides in Starkville - NE Daily Journal

Yeah so Gavin Collins is pretty good.  Now that he finally has a permanent (hopefully) spot in the lineup, he has been producing more in big situations.  Also, people apparently love tweeting @HailStateBB talking about how great he's going to be in the future.  Uhhhhh, he's pretty okay right now too.

College baseball on top in our state - NE Daily Journal

You already knew this, but seeing it written out with some attendance numbers backing it never hurts.  Both fanbases (sorry, USM) should be applauded for making college baseball in Mississippi something of a model for the entire country.

2014 MSU signee update: Will Coleman - Bulldawgs 24/7

Paul Jones checks in on the MSU JUCO defensive end signee and his preparations for coming to Starkville this fall.

Quinndary Weatherspoon picks up offers from MSU, MTSU - Clarion Ledger

The Velma Jackson rising senior guard is starting to pick up interest after some impressive play recently.

baseball logo Non-MSU/etc Links

Fresh Prince jerseys for the State College Spikes -

If you have off-the-wall marketing ideas, minor league baseball is the place for you.

Mike Miller Is Not A Chair, Kendrick Perkins - Deadspin


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Ohhhhhhhhh, this should be fun.

baseball logo Friday Video of the Day

This can't come out fast enough in my opinion. Looks 1000x better than the 1990s one featuring Matthew Broderick.