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MSU News & Notes - May 1, 2014 | Baseball's slide continues, Bailey Howell Drive, MLB and NFL Drafts, and more

Baseball with another bad (offensive) showing, Bailey Howell gets his own drive, a look at where MSU prospects are on draft boards a week from the NFL Draft, MLB Draft stocks, and more.

Mississippi State University |

As some of us slowly transition back to normalcy in our lives after Monday's devastating events, it's important to remember those who will have a much harder time doing so.  While we will talk sports today, if anyone knows of ways to donate - whether it's money, time, or goods - please let us know in the comments and we will tweet those out asap.  For those of you who are reading this and you're one of the ones most effected by the storms that rolled through on Monday, just know that you are still in our thoughts and our prayers.

A few quick links on where/how to donate for the Jackson area, Tupelo area, and Louisville/Starkville area:

Money is the best, fastest way to help through American Red Cross disaster relief. Call 1-800-RED CROSS (733-2767). Visit to donate online. On your mobile device, text "redcross" to 90999 to make a one-time $10 donation to American Red Cross disaster relief; the charge will show up on your next phone bill.

baseball logo MSU Links

Bulldogs Drop One-Run Game To Jacksonville State -

I am officially boycotting doing any game recaps until this team makes an effort worth writing about.  Seriously, last night was another [hand fart noise] in a line of recent games that have left MSU fans scratching their collective heads.  It's a shame too, because Lucas Laster pitched a marvelous game last night, only to see his efforts wasted because MSU literally could not generate any offense.  The two teams had EIGHT HITS BETWEEN THEM, and MSU allowed the go-ahead/game-winning run on a walk, pass ball, wild pitch, and sacrifice.  Zero hits to score one run to win a game that MSU could not afford to lose.  I have zero clue what's going on with this team right now, but they are in the opposite place of where you want to be when the regular season is wrapping up.

I was talking with a friend yesterday following the loss, and he made a prediction that I thought was just too on-point and perfect for MSU too not wind up being true in a couple of weeks.  He said, "Just watch.  This team will finish badly in the final three weekends of play, only to make a run in the SEC Tournament."  Doesn't that sound so perfectly MSU?  The parallels to Rick Stansbury's basketball team's is just too perfect too, as well all remember the years where Rick had to get on his soapbox and plead his team's case after they kind of farted around most of the year then got hot at the very end.  That sort of ending to this baseball season wouldn't surprise me either, given how "We are MState" that would be.  As for now, I'm withholding predictions/expectations either way until the season is over.  I'm not jumping off the proverbial cliff; I'm not screaming "ALL IS WELL! ALL IS WELL!" in the streets while other fans run the opposite way and trample me.  I'm just going to sit in the middle and wait, and if the season continues as it has in the past week or so, then I will gladly transition to summer mode where I only care about poorly written blockbuster movies and reading 1,352,312,235 uneducated, bland football season previews.

MSU Renames Coliseum Drive As Baily Howell Drive -

Good on MSU for doing this; Bailey is easily one of the best Bulldogs to ever play at State, and he still has a presence on campus today.  This may be the place where people make jokes because Scott Striklin is his son-in-law, but the honor is well-deserved for Mr. Howell, regardless of his affiliation with the AD.

Bulldogs turn out in relief of Mississippi following destructive storms - Hail State BEAT

A great read from Bob on the relief efforts by Bulldogs on campus following Monday's events.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater & an unpredictable quarterback class - Mocking the Draft

We are now a week out from the 2014 NFL Draft, and as of now the Bulldogs look to have one shot at cracking the top two rounds: former OG Gabe Jackson.  This mock draft from last week (which in mock draft terms makes it like two years old) has Jackson going 38th, just six or so picks into the second round.

Five SEC players I'd pay to see play again - ESPN

Eric Moulds gets some love from ESPN blogger Chris Low in his list of five players he'd love to see play again.

2014 MLB Draft Prospect Watch -

On this list of top-100 MLB Draft prospects, MSU's Jacob Lindgren comes in at #41.  State signee Chase Vallot also comes in at #50.  Those are both high enough to expect those players to not be on campus next fall, if this holds true as the draft moves closer this summer.

Bulldogs To Face Ragin' Cajuns In NCAA First Round In Austin -

The tennis dogs found out that they'll be taking on ULL in the Austin regional of the NCAAs after a successful regular season.

Chick Fil A Bowl Golf Classic

This just makes me laugh.  I don't know why.

Lindgren Named To NCBWA Stopper of the Year Midseason Watch List -

This kind of got lost in Monday's horrible events, but that's an impressive list to get named to for Jacob.  Of course he didn't follow up the honor by pitching very well last night.  Still, he's having a pretty great season on the whole.

baseball logo Non-MSU/etc Links

Obama OKs 7-county disaster declaration - Clarion Ledger

I was glad to see this finally happened so that the storm-ravaged areas in Mississippi can get the federal assistance and relief that they desperately need.  It's been only state forces assisting to this point, but now FEMA can mobilize.

Teacher credits God, meteorologist for survival - Clarion Ledger

One of the many heartwarming stories that has come from Monday's awful run of weather.  Thank God for good friends.

Jameis Winston cited for shoplifting crab legs at Publix - Tomahawk Nation

On the lighter side of things non-MSU related from the past several days, this seems to be the talk of the recent off-season.  To me it's just something funny to joke about; I have no intentions of reading anything that's remotely serious about this matter.  It's $32 worth of crab legs.  Although in true off-season form, I expect this to be a hot topic for, like, the next two months because SPROTS.

Also, these are the best jokes made about the incident on the internet yesterday, all in one place.

baseball logo Tweet of the Day

This is a few days old, but this Tweet is still worth sharing because of what it exemplifies of the young men on campus. These guys make you proud that they are Bulldogs for the things they do off the field, like offering to help out those in need without hesitation.

baseball logo Video of the Day

Everyone has seen this video surely by now, but it's still worth sharing because in my mind this guy is a hero. WTVA Meteorologist Matt Laubhan hung in for as long as he could on-air Monday to warn residents of Tupelo of what was coming their way before he had to evacuate himself and his co-workers because the large tornado was heading their way too. This is bravery folks. Big, big, biiiiig ups to you, Matt.