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MSU News & Notes - May 6, 2014 | New baseball polls, Road Dawgs, Softball, the NFL Draft, and more

Updates on baseball, softball, the Road Dawgs tour, the NFL Draft that starts Thursday, and more.

Kevin C. Cox

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MSU Earns No. 10 Seed For SEC Tournament -

After wrapping up a successful regular season on Sunday, the lady diamond dogs will hit the road for the SEC Tournament this week.  They are slated to face 7-seed Kentucky to open the tournament tomorrow.

Road Dawgs Tour 2014 Kicks Off Monday -

If you want to hear from Coach Mullen and Coach Ray then this week is your chance if you live in a fairly large metropolitan (relatively speaking, of course) area in Mississippi.  Schedule, towns and dates are inside.

Bulldogs Earn Back-To-Back Postseason Berths With Regional Bid -

Golf is going back to the NCAA Tournament.  Surely they play the "final four" or finals for this at an awesome course like Pebble Beach, right?

Ross Mitchell Named SEC Pitcher of the Week For Third Time -

Just Ross getting rewarded for another solid showing on Saturday.

Mississippi State hoops schedules series with Oregon State - Clarion Ledger

Sure, this is a fairly recognizable name on the surface.  But basketball-wise this is a program with less history than MSU, and with a worse record than MSU over the past decade or so.  And did I mention they just fired their coach? Feel the excitement!

Mississippi State vs. Auburn Baseball 2014: Bulldogs broom Tigers - FWtCT

The complete list of the updates polls is inside, along with a review of MSU's sweep of Auburn this past weekend.

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UPDATED: Jackson State baseball's bus catches fire, no injuries reported - Clarion Ledger

Thankfully this was not as serious as it could have been.  The picture inside tells a lot.

PFT Commenter's NFL Draft strategy guide -

There honestly is about 95% crap to read pre-NFL Draft, and maybe 5% worth reading.  This is really neither, or it is possibly in the 5% if you understand A) that it's heavy satire B) that it's a very nicely done satire of the other 95%.

NHL player squirts water inside opponent's glove - For the Win

Come on, man.

This one-man pass-and-catch is the most athletic thing on Vine - SBNation CFB

Holy crap!  Have to see to believe.

What it's like for players who *aren't* picked at the NFL Draft - SBNation CFB

This is an interesting read from the former Auburn TE.

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