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FWTCT Greatest Games Recap: Down to the Final Four


Over the last couple of weeks we've been asking our readers to vote in a bracket of the Sweet 16 games in MSU history. Here is a quick recap of how we got down to the final four...

Round 1:

2004 vs. Alabama in basketball defeated 1963's historic game vs. Loyola.

1996's Elite 8 game vs. Cincinnati easily handled 2002 vs. Kentucky.

The Florida game beat out the Snow Bowl in a match-up of football games from 2000.

1998 vs. Arkansas got past the 1941 Orange Bowl vs. Georgetown.

Somewhat surprisingly, the 1999 Egg Bowl beat out the 2007 Super Regional.

1980 vs. Bama blasted 2004 vs. Florida.

Burke Master's and his 1990 grand slam slipped by Matt Wyatt's 1999 Auburn game.

1996 vs. Kentucky in basketball beat 1996 vs. Alabama in football.


Bringing home the SEC Championship vs. Bama in 2004 solidly defeated the win of #3 Florida in 2000.

The 1999 Egg Bowl beat out the 1998 Arkansas game.

1980 vs. #1 Bama handily beat 1996 vs. #1 Kentucky.

For the 1996 Cincinnati game vs. 1990 Florida State (baseball) game we had to go through several avenues to find the winner. The voting was tied on the site so we took to twitter where, well, it was tied again. So we decided to have an internal vote where we nearly came out tied again, but after the dust settled the '96 Cincy game barely escapes to the semi-finals.

The semifinals will begin on Thursday with 1980 Bama (football) vs. 1999 Egg Bowl. On Friday, we'll have the second matchup: 1996 Cincy vs. 2004 Bama (basketball).