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FWtCT Picks the SEC - Week 2

The gang is back to pick games in what looks to be a much more boring week two of the college football season (hey, we aren't complaining. We're just glad that there's football).

Aaaron Murray and the dogs will have to quickly shake the Clemson loss off, because CLOWNEY COMIN'
Aaaron Murray and the dogs will have to quickly shake the Clemson loss off, because CLOWNEY COMIN'
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like we blinked twice and we're already into week two of the college football season we so longingly awaited this off season.

Although they are a bit late this week (editor's error, apologies), we do have a few new contributors to introduce you to in the picks. You've already seen great work from all three here on the site in their short time aboard, but welcome to the picks James Carskadon, War Machine Dawg, and Prediction? Pain. Some really good content from all three already on FWtCT. Now let's see how they do in the picks.

SEC Picks - Week 2

  • As is typically the case, week one came and went and the race for best picker is still a tight one. We will wait until next week when everyone has gotten the chance to select a week's worth of games before we'll include the standings though.
  • As far as games go, this is a much more boring slate in the SEC than it was last week. Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, MSU, Texas A&M, Missouri, Arkansas, and LSU all scheduled cupcake home games, and it looks like everyone is taking the heavily favored home team in each.
  • Tennessee's game with Western Kentucky is probably far from a cupcake, although in theory this should still be a Volunteer win. Looks like everyone except MBD and James are taking the Volunteers.
  • In the other cupcake-but-not-really matchup, Gus Malzahn's former team, Arkansas State, travels to Auburn to take on the 1-0 Tigers. Looks like everyone here is going Tigers as well.
  • The first of the two actually decent games this weekend is Florida visiting Miami. This game is one of the better games in a slow week two slate, but we all still expect a Florida win here. I wouldn't be surprised to see Miami win, but Florida is still the safe bet here.
  • And finally, we come to the main event in college football this weekend, South Carolina traveling to Athens to take on Georgia. Don't let Gameday or any yankee CFB fan fool you, the game in Ann Arbor is far from the best game of the day. The best game of the day features Clowney vs. Gurshall, Aaron Murray vs. his struggles against top teams, and Spurrier versus Richt in Athens. This game should be a good one, and although South Carolina comes in feeling better after their week one, most of us feel like the homestanding Bulldogs will take this one. Should be a great game.
  • NOTE: Alabama took the week off, because Saban has been carving the countdown of days into a walk-on punters back ever since last year's loss to Texas A&M in Tuscaloosa. The Aggies and Tide face off next week in College Station.

Enjoy the day's worth of games! And remember, there are no stupid picks, just stupid people who pick against the favorite because some one legged man in a bar told him he "had a feeling."