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Mississippi State Athletics 2014 in Review: Counting Down our Top 25 Posts, Part 1

One of the best things about the close of a year is looking a back at what people did, read and watched during the year. Starting today, we will look back at the top-25 posts, plus a few honorable mentions, based on page views on For Whom The Cowbell Tolls. Nos. 25-16 kick us off with cowbells, Auburn, bowls and recruiting.

Photo taken from TV Screen during ESPN College GameDay

As you may have noticed with some of our other posts on the blog, we are working through several year in review type posts to look back at all of the different aspects about Mississippi State athletics we covered here on the blog.

This series, our top-25 posts of the year, is based strictly on the number of pageviews a post had this since January 1.  Here we go with No. 25-16.

No. 26: This post was too close to not include, so is Texas A&M a cult?

No. 25: The long wait until the next football season is tough.  It's a good thing recruiting is there to help us through it.

No. 24: Not long after the season ended, Hugh Freeze got a raise.  Dan Mullen?

No. 23: Not long after Mississippi State knocked off Auburn, many Bulldog fans began to wonder who would host ESPN's College GameDay the next weekend.

No. 22: Mississippi State falls to No. 4 in the AP Poll after losing to Alabama.

No. 21: Did you know we have hubs that collect stories of certain genres?  Some folks did because our football hub was popular.

No. 20: Words are great, but so are videos, especially when it is Dak making a one-handed catch.

No. 19: I'm pretty sure everyone loved the MSU hype videos this year.  Here is Egg Bowl version.

No. 18: How fun was the Auburn game?  Reliving it was pretty cool too with this highlight video.

No. 17: After losing the Egg Bowl, we knew the playoff was out, but we all wondered where Mississippi State would go bowling.

No. 16: Talk about Auburn fans bringing cowbells to the game made for some interesting comments.