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Mississippi State National Signing Day 2014: Signing Class Tracker

Keep up with who has signed and who is going where throughout the day right here in our running tally updated as news, commitments and NLIs roll in.

Check back here often to see who has joined Dan Mullen's 2014 class throughout the day
Check back here often to see who has joined Dan Mullen's 2014 class throughout the day
Stacy Revere

Bully HeadUpdate #13 - 2:00 PM

- The final piece to MSU's 2014 class is in, as MSU has received an NLI from Jordan Harris.  With Harris on board, MSU's class for 2014 likely closes with 23 signees, including two that signed in the early signing period.  Again, we'll have more on this class later on.  Overall, this was a pretty great day for Mississippi State football.

Bully HeadUpdate #12 - 12:30 PM

- The final piece to MSU's 2014 class is Jordan Harris, and as of right now we still do not have an update as to if and when he will sign with the Bulldogs.  We will continue to monitor that situation, but except for Jordan, MSU is likely done for this year.  We'll have more on the class overall later today and in the coming days.

- I'm a bit late on this, but as I'm sure you are aware of by now, MSU target Tee Shepard has signed with Ole Miss.  The move seemingly comes out of nowhere, but thus is the game we call recruiting.  There's no sugarcoating it - losing Tee as a member of this class hurts tremendously, but nevertheless it is done, and State will move on with the signees they have.  While I have zero doubt that this surprise move will elicit horrendous accusations against Tee - fair or unfair - those won't be found here from me.  Best of luck to Tee as he moves on to the next level.

Bully HeadUpdate #11 - 11:30 AM

- As expected, Jordan Sims selects Ole Miss over MSU, others.  Cochran's addition earlier all but signaled Jordan not being a part of the MSU class.

- It appears as though MSU is only waiting at this point for an NLI from JUCO CB Tee Shepard.  Shepard was a huge late addition to this class, and a mistep with him now could be a blow to this class.  We'll have more as soon as there is anything to report.

- Taking a break in the action, we're having a not-so-serious BINGO contest for NSD over here.  There are some updates.  If you care to join in, go check it out!

Bully HeadUpdate #10 - 11:00 AM

- The final MSU target, Homewood OL Jordan Sims, will make his announcement here shortly at 11:30 a.m.  Sims is expected to select Ole Miss, but there's always the small chance that he goes with MSU.  Will update when a decision is in.

Bully HeadUpdate #9 - 10:45 AM

- Like Graham, MSU signee Lashard Durr has chosen to double sign with both MSU and Copiah-Lincoln JC.

- Earlier today, standout Jamoral Graham signed with MSU.  It turns out that Graham has also signed this morning with East Mississippi CC.  While I'm only vaugley familiar with "double-signing", I think it means that a prospect leaves himself open to attend a two year school if his grades aren't where they need to be by the fall.  No matter what the definition is, Graham has complete the double signing this morning with MSU and EMCC.

- As we found out at 10, Cory Thomas decided to become a member of the MSU class today.  That is now official, as Cory's NLI is in.  Thomas was an interesting story to watch down the stretch, but we're certainly glad he's in maroon and white now.

- An unexpected late addition to the class, Olive Branch OL Ronald Cochran has signed with MSU.  Cochran, by my guestimations, was not on anyone but the coaching staff's radar to sign with State, but he officially becomes a part of the class this morning.  A quick glance at his 247sports profile page lists him as a former Southern Miss committ, and with a 6'5", 280 lb framework.  Welcome Ronald!

Bully HeadUpdate #8 - 10:00 AM

- After wavering between Tennessee, MSU and Clemson over the past several days, we now finally have a decision from McCalla DE Cory Thomas.  Thomas has chosen Mississippi State over Clemson and Tennessee! #HailState.  More to come later.

Bully HeadUpdate #7 - 9:45 AM

- Lashard Durr is officially a Bulldog (STORY)

Bully HeadUpdate #6 - 9:15 AM

- In some surprising yet unsurprising news this morning, former 5-star DT Quay Evans is headed to West Georgia from MSU.  Evans, who hails from Morton, had not developed into the lineman that coaches hoped he would so far, and there had been rumors for awhile now that he was transfering.  Looks like those were true.  Best of luck to Quay in GA.

- Will Coleman is officially an MSU Bulldog.  State fans were sweating just a bit as Coleman visited Arizona State last weekend, but he is officially all-MSU now. (STORY)

- We're still about 30 minutes away from 3-star DT Cory Thomas' announcement, but things are looking promising for Mississippi State.  Thomas will be deciding between Clemson, MSU, and Tennessee.

- Another big miss for MSU as 3-star DT recruit Marcus Griffin of Washington state has chosen Arizona over California and MSU.  Griffin was considered a long shot to land in Starkville given the distance from his home (Bellevue, Washington), but still, missing on him stings just a bit.  The Bulldogs turn their attention fully to Cory Thomas on the DL.

- 4-star running back Aeris Williams is officially a Bulldog. (STORY)

Bully HeadUpdate #5 - 8:50 AM

- After some late buzz in favor of the Bulldogs last night, it appears as though State will miss out on defensive lineman prospects O.J. Smith and Trey Carter.  Smith, who was asked to grayshirt by Alabama - his school of choice - yesterday, apparently now has a scholarship offer, and O.J. will sign with Alabama.  As for Carter, there was late talk last night that he was trending towards MSU, but that did not come to fruition as the Dallas native has signed with Oklahoma State.  Carter will sign with Oklahoma State this morning.

- JT Gray's NLI is in, as the Clarksdale safety joins the MSU family (STORY)

- Clinton DE Grant Harris makes his commitment to MSU official with his NLI submitted

Bully HeadUpdate #4 - 8:20 AM

- LB Deshon Cooper of Decatur, Georgia is in for MSU (STORY)

- JUCO TE Darrion Hutcherson's NLI is in for MSU (STORY)

- Deion Calhoun is a Bulldog (STORY)

-Clarksdale lineman Elgton Jenkins is officially a Bulldog (STORY)

Bully HeadUpdate #3 - 7:55 AM

- MSU has its first news of the morning on an uncommited target, as Grant Harris picks MSU over Southern Miss, Louisville

- 4-star WR Jesse Jackson is officially a Bulldog (STORY)

- 4-star Greenville product Gerri Green is now a Bulldog (STORY)

- Dontavian Lee is a Bulldog (STORY)

Bully HeadUpdate #2 - 7:30 AM

- Rosa Fort star Brandon Bryant has faxed in his NLI (STORY)

- Byhalia standout Chris Rayford has signed with MSU.

- Braxton Hoyett, whose birthday is today, has signed with MSU (STORY)

- Jamoral Graham is now officially a Bulldog (STORY)

Bully HeadUpdate #1 - 7 AM

- Logan Cooke is MSU's second NLI this morning (STORY)

- Elijah Staley becomes the first signature in for MSU (STORY)

Good morning friends!  The day to welcome in the latest class of new Bulldogs is finally here, as recruits all across the country get ready to put pens to paper, making their dreams come true.

Whether you are looking to follow National Signing Day up-to-the-minute today, or you just want to get the highlights, you can check back right here throughout the day as we will be updating the class tracker to include the names of all new Bulldogs as they become official.  We'll be providing ticker-style updates here throughout the day giving you all the latest when State gets an NLI, or when a player picks MSU later on today.

If you are completely new to recruiting and aren't even sure who MSU will be signing today, make sure to check out our National Signing Day Primer as well as our 2014 MSU Football Recruiting Hub.