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Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. the fields of the NCAAT, NIT, CBI, and CIT

"Mississippi State did not make the 2014 NCAA or the NIT? How did that happen?" said no one ever. But, for fun, here is a look as to how Mississippi State fared against the selected fields of the NCAA Tournament, the NIT, the CBI and the Postseason Tournament.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The Mississippi State Bulldogs never had a shot at making the NCAA tournament coming into the season, and not long into conference play, any hopes held by some that the Bulldogs could be an NIT team quickly faded.  With the basketball season coming to a close with a loss to the Ole Miss Rebels in the second round of the SEC tournament, Mississippi State fans can now turn an eye toward the various postseason tournaments and see how the Bulldogs fared against teams qualifying for postseason play.

Interestingly enough, but not surprising given the caliber of opponents, Mississippi State did not play a team in its out of conference schedule that made the NCAA tournament. That means Mississippi State only played Florida (L 62-51), Tennessee (L 75-68), and Kentucky (L 85-63, L 69-59) out of the Field of 68.

The Bulldogs did see quite a bit more action against teams playing in the NIT. Florida Gulf Coast (W 66-53) from the out of conference schedule plays in the NIT as an 8-seed against Florida State Tuesday at 7pm ET on ESPN 2. From the SEC, LSU (L 92-81), Arkansas (L 73-69), Missouri (L 85-66), Georgia (L 75-65, L 66-45) all made the field.

The Bulldogs did not face a team in the Postseason Tournament. Texas A&M accepted a bid to the College Basketball Invitational. The Bulldogs split their season series with Texas A&M (W 82-71 (OT), L 72-52).

In all, Mississippi State posted a 1-9 record against teams in the NCAA Tournament and the NIT, and the Bulldogs went 0-8 against SEC teams in those two tournaments.  When adding in the CBI and CIT, their record changes to 2-10 and 1-9 against all of the postseason fields.  When all is said and done it looks like Mississippi State's best win may have been their overtime victory against Texas A&M in Starkville.