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Mississippi State Football Uniforms 2014: Commemorative uniforms for Southern Miss game officially unveiled

After a picture leaked earlier in the week, we finally got to "officially" see the new uniforms for MSU football this afternoon, which will be worn for the season opener against Southern Mississippi.


After a bit of a leak occurred on Tuesday following the tease of a new uniform release forthcoming, Mississippi State has officially unveiled today a new uniform set for the Bulldogs' season opener against Southern Miss this fall.

The uniform, a throwback to the great late 1990s unis, are a one-game commemoration of the 100th year of football at Scott Field.  The uniforms are just for the first game; MSU will wear its regular unis for the rest of the year (unless we get another special unveiling later in the spring or summer).

Here are a few pics from today's release:

Now that we've "officially" seen these, let's discuss some likes and dislikes for the new threads:


  • Love the late 90s look to these.  As I said when they leaked on Tuesday, the late 90s look was so great.  I would LOVE to see us go to this look permanently.  Even if we replace the "Hail State" with "Miss State" or just "State", I would really like to see the overall design stay for a full 12 (or 13, or 14) games.
  • I like bringing back the white on the facemasks as well.  It's a small change, but provides a cleaner look and pairs well with the overall look of the uni


  • The giant M-state on the pants leg.  This uniform has a very clean and simple look to it, and then you throw that giant M-state on the side out of nowhere.  It looks a bit out of place to me, but maybe that's just nit-picking.  Even if we can't use the interlocking M-S-U anymore, just replace it on the thigh with the M-state in a much smaller size.

One thing that's important to note is that Scott Stricklin specifically mentioned that MSU has permission to wear the uniforms with the "Hail State" on the front.  That came to light after the leak on Tuesday because Baylor was not allowed to wear basketball uniforms to the NCAA tournament that said "Sic 'Em Bears" on the front.  Looks like Scott and company planned ahead on that. A bit more context on that ruling, from MSU's Bill Martin:

Another point of interest for MSU fans from the press conference this afternoon is that Scott Stricklin shared that MSU has entered into a new seven year deal with Adidas.

That was probably important to Adidas as we've seen some teams jump ship for other brands recently, namely Tennessee.

So, now that we've "officially" (we keep saying that for some reason) seen the special one-game uniforms for the season opener this August, what do you guys and girls think?