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Buy or Sell: Three Mississippi State Players with over 40 Receptions in 2015

The Bulldogs had their most prolific offensive season in history in 2014. Can Mississippi State do more to surpass that in 2015?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Even the biggest Mississippi State Bulldog fan did not expect to see the offensive explosion led by Dak Prescott and company in 2014.  Yes, everyone expected more fireworks from the offense, but it is debatable to think that a record setting offense could have been expected.

Headed into 2015 some questions exist about the offense, but most fans are expecting solid production yet again.



1.  De'Runnya Wilson should explode during his junior year.  If not for a few injuries last  year, he would have gone over the 50 reception mark.  Fred Ross also returns, and he proved to be a favorite target of Prescott late in the season.  One can count on a big jump from his 30 receptions last year.

2. Injuries more than likely kept Jameon Lewis from reaching 40 receptions last year.  He finished with 32.  His replacement, Gabe Myles had 22.  Yes, some of those receptions would have been at the expense of Wilson or Ross, but not too many of them.

3. The Bulldogs played from ahead much of last season, and that helped to limit the passing game.  Should the Bulldogs be in tighter contests this season, expect the number of passes to increase.


1. Injuries happen, and all it takes is an injury to Wilson or Ross to make this pretty much unachievable.  Wilson has shown issues with nagging injuries in the past.  Both will have to remain healthy to see it happen.

2. Who will be the third receiver to step up and snag 40 passes?  Wilson and Ross are locks, but which receiver, or potentially running back—Josh Robinson totaled 28, so it's not unfathomable—will step up as a solid number three option?  Many have shown flashes, one has to show that it is more sustained.

3. The offensive line enters the season with question marks. Should they struggle, it could force Dan Mullen to call more running plays.  Even if the line forces five more running plays a game than hoped for, over the course of the season, that would be 60 pass attempts erased.  That could be enough to stop it from happening.

At the end of the day, I'm buying this one.  Wilson and Ross are locks, and there is too much talent at the receiver position for a third player not to step up and snag 40 passes as well.