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Should the NCAA Get Rid of Kickoffs?

There's a lot of debate about whether or not the proposed rule would kill football. Let's look at some of MSU's history with kickoffs and decide if we should keep it.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn't know by now, many college football fans are debating the merit of getting rid of kickoffs. Those who are for removing kickoffs are calling for the sport to be safer while those against it want to protect a traditional aspect of the sport.

There's valid arguments for both sides to make. I went and did some totally real and legitimate research to help all Mississippi State fans decide whether or now we should get rid of it. Here's the pros and cons to getting rid of kickoffs from my exhaustive research.

Pro: Our opponents will never do a flip into the end zone again on a kickoff ever again

I hated this play with every fiber of my being.

Con: We'd potentially miss memorable plays in big wins against big opponents

Pro: We'll never have Cordaralle Patterson embarrass our coverage unit ever again.

Con: Nickoe Whitley will never get to embarrass a kick returner again

Pro: If they take it away, Brandon Holloway will never get turned into a paste again.

Yeah, this one hurt to watch. I can only imagine how much it hurt to be on the receiving end of the freight train that was Christion Jones on this play.

Kickoffs haven't always been kind to Mississippi State. Some moments are great such as when Holloway took ran one back in the 1st quarter against Southern Miss. And then there's Holloway being splattered by Alabama.

So, from this extensive research, I can come to the definitive conclusion that we should ban kickoffs forever. Because of Cordaralle Patterson. And Christion Jones. And Trey Williams. You can blame them for all of this.