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Suspect Accused of Murdering Chris Smith Taken into Custody

A man accused of murdering Chris Smith was taken into custody.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

A man accused of murdering former Mississippi State wide receiver Chris Smith was taken into police custody today.

Tirale Reed is the man in question here. A warrant was put out for his arrest a handful of days ago and the investigation into Chris Smith's death have brought the Meridian Police Department to bring Reed in.

From WTOK's report:

"The investigation and the interviews of witnesses indicated that he was involved in the incident and that he did fire a weapon that led to the death of Mr. Smith," MPD Chief Benny Dubose says.

Reed was apparently in Marietta, Georgia at the time, but wanted to turn himself into the police and cooperated fully with the investigation, willfully allowing himself to be taken into custody in Georgia:

"Family members indicated that he wanted to turn himself in, but didn't know exactly how," he says.

The investigation is still ongoing and won't be settled anytime soon but we will update as this continues to develop. We are still praying for Smith's loved ones.

You can still donate to help support Smith's family here.