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Mississippi State has its Own Pokemon Go Map

Yep. You read that correctly. MSU has made a map to help people use Pokemon Go on campus.

Mississippi State University

Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation. It's a big craze. I've enjoyed playing it. More than likely, many of you have enjoyed playing it. Either that or you absolutely hate it. Regardless of your opinions on it, Mississippi State has now made a map to help MSU students catch all the Pokemon and hatch all the eggs.

That's right. Mississippi State now has an official walking trail dedicated to help you hatch all of your Pokemon Eggs. In addition to that, it points out the location of every single Pokestop and all of the gyms on campus.

On top of that, they even point out the health benefits of walking this loop on the map to help show how many calories you will burn while either running or walking this loop. Which, that's pretty cool because most people don't realize how many calories are burned in the amount of time that it takes to hatch a single 5 kilometer egg.

So, whether you love it or hate it, Pokemon Go is here to stay, and it looks like Mississippi State wants to help support all of the students playing it.