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Dak Prescott Found Not Guilty of DUI

Dak Prescott appeared in court today and was found not guilty of DUI.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Back in March, the news broke that Dak Prescott was pulled over for speeding and was eventually charged with DUI after picking a friend up from the Cotton District and driving him home. Today, Dak had his day in court and was found not guilty of both the speeding charge and the alleged DUI.

After the news broke that the two Intoxilyzer 8000 tests performed on Dak both came back inconclusive and that officer Donte' Thomas who pulled Dak over was not certified to run radar at the time of the citation, it's not overly surprising that Dak was found not guilty.

Dak was also not noticeably intoxicated by any means either when he was pulled over:

Thomas also testified he could not determine if Prescott was drunk at the time of the traffic stop. Prescott, he said, did not slur his words, have bloodshot eyes or display issues with his motor skills. No alcohol was found in the football player's Escalade, he testified, and neither Prescott nor his vehicle smelled of booze at the time of the stop.

Dak is now on his way back to join the Dallas Cowboys at camp and prepare for the upcoming NFL season.