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Dak Prescott's Actions After Being Arrested Shows His Character

Dak Prescott is probably more mature than most NFL players in their early 20's. He's probably more mature that most people on the internet.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott caught a lot of heat after being arrested for an alleged DUI back in March. He was under a lot of scrutiny. Even from his own fanbase. After spending 5 years at Mississippi State, he was known for being a high character guy who developed from a fringe quarterback recruit into one of the best quarterbacks that the SEC has ever seen. His story was an amazing one. He overcame the hardship of losing his mom and became the best quarterback to ever play in Starkville, Mississippi.

But then Dak was arrested for an alleged DUI. And his perfect story became tarnished because of quick reactions on twitter and message boards. Rival fanbases used this as an opportunity to take a jab at Dak, whose record had been pretty much spotless up until this incident. A reported lapse of judgement that led to an alleged mistake. And he was vilified for it because of the inherent dangers that are associated with driving under the influence.

Prescott would then go on to apologize for it. He accepted responsibility for his actions. And he promised to prove to everyone that he would exhibit his true character going forward. He wasn't going to let this incident define him.

But the thing is, Dak shouldn't have ever had to apologize. He probably shouldn't have even been arrested. Two Intoxilyzer 8000 tests both came back inconclusive and he was pulled over for speeding by an officer that hadn't yet been certified to run radar at the time of the arrest.

Dak was also not noticeably intoxicated by any means either when he was pulled over:

Thomas also testified he could not determine if Prescott was drunk at the time of the traffic stop. Prescott, he said, did not slur his words, have bloodshot eyes or display issues with his motor skills. No alcohol was found in the football player's Escalade, he testified, and neither Prescott nor his vehicle smelled of booze at the time of the stop.

And yet he apologized for all of this anyway. In a time where most people in his position would have taken to social media and furiously proclaim their innocence, Dak Prescott simply and calmly stated that he was going to show his true character going forward.

And Dak did just that. Instead of using the many platforms and opportunities at his disposal to complain or speak out, he quietly and calmly let the legal system and his case run its course. Instead of going after the people that besmirched his name and reputation, he let his apology stand until he was proven not guilty.

And whether or not Dak was under the influence, that's impossible to tell now. It was never proven at the time that Dak was arrested and that's an arrest that never should have occurred because of the circumstances that surrounded it.

But regardless of that, Dak exhibited to the world exactly who he is. He didn't complain even though he had every right in the world to do so. And most importantly, he didn't do anything that may have jeopardized his future and reputation. Remaining poised through all of that is incredible. And he should be commended for it.