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Jeffery Simmons Found Guilty of Simple Assault and Malicious Mischief

Jeffery Simmons showed up in court today and was found guilty of simple assault and malicious mischief.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Jeffery Simmons, whose actions were caught on a video that went viral, was found guilty of simple assault and malicious mischief today.

Simmons will be responsible for paying restitution to Sophia Taylor, the woman that was seen fighting with and ultimately forced onto the ground by Jeffery Simmons and another woman. The restitution will cover hospital bills and damage that resulted to Taylor's car. Simmons will also have to pay a couple of fines, one for simple assault and one for malicious mischief.

As Sophia Taylor was involved in the altercation before ultimately being forced on the ground by Simmons and another woman, she is responsible for paying a fine for disturbing the peace.

Although this won't stop people from talking about it, especially folks on message boards and twitter, the case has been taken care of in the legal system. Simmons will now be preparing for football season by wrapping up the required counseling Mississippi State has set for him and then serving his one game suspension before he can play.