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Mississippi State Releases Preseason Camp Roster

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Moments ago, Mississippi State released the preseason camp football roster. The roster contains a list of 105 guys that will be competing with each other as they prepare for the upcoming season.

With this released roster, we get to see updated uniform numbers along with an up to date listing of each players height and weight. Some notable uniform number changes include Jamal Peters, J.T. Gray, and, of course, Jeffery Simmons.

Simmons was originally listed at 36, Nick Bell’s number, which gave SEC Media Days another thing to ask Dan Mullen about. And Mullen rightfully drew criticism for having anyone in the number 36. But, as it turns out, Simmons will be wearing 98 for the foreseeable future instead of 36. The change isn’t coming as a surprise seeing as Mullen himself was quoted as saying that the number wasn’t finalized.

Aside from the number changes, the release of the roster is a really big deal for another reason. It means that we’re a few weeks away from football starting. It’s August. We’re actually almost there.