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SEC Network and ESPNU to Feature Six Mississippi State Volleyball Matches

David McFatrich and the Mississippi State Volleyball team are set to have 6 of their matches be broadcasted nationwide on both the SEC Network and ESPNU.

Of their SEC Network matches, the Bulldogs will get to host Alabama on October 2nd. They’ll then be able to be seen nationwide as they take on the Auburn Tigers on October 16th in Auburn. McFatrich’s squad will then take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville on October 26th before hosting Ole Miss on November 16th.

From their ESPNU slate, the Bulldogs will take on the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa on October 12th and they’ll host Tennessee on October 23rd.

In total, the Bulldogs will split their 6 nationally televised matches in half when it comes to hosting and on the road. Their three at home will be Alabama, Tennessee and Ole Miss while their three road matches are Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas.

You can read the official MSU release here.