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Mississippi State Men’s Basketball Team is Struggling to Get to Italy

Mississippi State v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Ben Howland is trying to take the Mississippi State men’s basketball team to Italy for a nice, fun trip where they’ll take on a bunch of European teams and improve their teamwork. It’s good for such a young team to do this sort of thing. It’ll give them some experience to work together as a unit and learn how to play with one another.

There’s only one problem though. Airlines suck.

First they landed in Atlanta, where they ran into a weather delay.

And then their plane apparently broke.

That is probably something nobody ever wants to hear.

So they “fixed” the plane

And then they got a new plane

And then the new plane broke

Some hypothesized the root of the problem

And as of 30 minutes ago, they are finally back on track and headed to Italy

But hey, they got to meet Chris Tucker and that’s a win in everybody’s book, right?