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Josh Robinson Apparently Issued a Trespassing Citation at Mississippi State’s Practice Facilities

Vanderbilt v Mississippi State Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Former Mississippi State running back Josh Robinson was issued a trespassing citation at... Mississippi State’s practice facilities? Well, that’s at least what he’s posted on instagram and snapchat.

From his instagram account, he shared a video that showed multiple police officers and had Robinson saying that “Coach [Mullen] called the police on me” while also featuring a caption that said “wow really for running.”

There’s not much reported or known about this at the moment, but judging from Robinson’s snapchat story it seems that he’d been working out at Mississippi State’s practice facilities late trying to prepare himself to make it with an NFL team after he was cleared to play at the beginning of the month.

Again, with there not being much known, it’s hard to tell what all is going on. Once more is known, we’ll update this.


Mississippi State has released an official statement refuting Robinson’s claim that Dan Mullen called the cops on him



Despite what Josh Robinson said, it appears that Dan Mullen may not have called the cops. According to Mike Bonner, it may have been a track coach.