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Are Hotdogs Sandwiches? Yes: Cook Out

Are hotdogs sandwiches? The answer to this philosophical question is definitely yes. However, are hotdogs good sandwiches? Well, that depends upon what establishment produces said hotdog.

To help determine if Starkville has good hotdogs/sandwiches, I decided to take it upon myself to go eat as many hotdogs/sandwiches in town as I possibly can. And today I started with Cook Out.

It's been a few weeks since Cook Out first opened its doors in Starkville and it has already become a favorite amongst many of us that call Starkville home. From quesadillas to what feels like a million different milkshakes, cookout has just about everything a college student could desire from a fast food joint.

I decided to venture on down highway 12 and taste for myself just how good their hotdogs/sandwiches were. When I got there, I couldn't help myself from ordering from ordering hotdogs with chili and cheese. They just seemed too good to pass up. So that's what I did. One hot dog had chili. One had cheese.

My first victim was the hotdog with cheese. It was delicious. The cheese was perfectly melted and the hotdog was cooked thouroughly, but not to the point where it becomes crispy shoe leather. Finding the balance between rubber chicken meat and crispy shoe leather can be difficult for many fast food establishments, but this hotdog sandwich had the perfect consistency.

It receives 9 out of 10 “hotdogs are sandwiches.”

Next came the chili hotdog. It was not as spectacular as its cheese companion. Though it had the right texture and consistency, it didn’t have anything that truly captivated my attention. The hotdog itself was the same formula as what was going on with its cheesy friend, but the bottom of the dog was slightly shoe leathery and a little crispy. Though good, it wasn’t the best hotdog/sandwich.

This one receives a 7.5 out of 10 “hotdogs are sandwiches.”

As a whole, good job Cook Out. You truly seem to know that hotdogs are sandwiches. I look forward to consuming them more in the future.