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Why did Josh Robinson assume Dan Mullen called the Police on him?

Josh Robinson made a foolish error in assuming it was Dan Mullen who called the police on him for trespassing.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So when news broke that Josh Robinson was issued a trespassing citation, he made a quick assumption it was Dan Mullen who made the call to MSU Police. But we know now, that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

So the real question is why did Robinson assume it was Dan Mullen? For whatever reason, Josh Robinson has made it clear he believes there has been some friction between him and Dan Mullen.

For whatever reason, Josh Robinson doesn’t seem to have warm, fuzzy feelings about Dan Mullen. Could there be friction between the two? Sure, it’s entirely possible. There are 85 players on scholarship every season at Mississippi State, so it is very reasonable that Dan Mullen and some of his players won’t see eye to eye.

But for Robinson to just make an assumption it was Mullen who called the police was foolish. The last thing Mullen would want is for people to believe he would call the police on his former athletes for something as simple as trespassing. Furthermore, even if Mullen had just seen a car pulled up to the track in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t have known who the car belonged to, so it wouldn’t have been something where Mullen was out to get Robinson as the former Bulldog portrays in his tweets.

It’s sad to see this coming from Robinson. He was as beloved a Bulldog as there was on the 2014 team. But ever since he left the team to pursue a career in the NFL, things haven’t gone as well as he would like them to. He is trying to find his way on to a roster, but so far there haven’t been any takers. I’m hoping this is just the result of a frustrated player looking for someone or something to take those frustrations out on.

Now that we know it wasn’t Dan Mullen, Josh Robinson should issue an apology to those who follow him. He was a lightly recruited prospect the school took a chance on and gave him the opportunity in the NFL he had during the 2015 season. Hopefully he’ll see beyond his frustrations and do so.