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The CFB Guys are Coming to Starkville

Some very passionate fans that travel the nation and get to watch a bunch of college football are Starkville bound.

College football is a wonderful thing. More than likely, if you’re reading this, you would describe yourself as a fan of college football, right? Well, a group of four guys that really, really love college football are about to come to Starkville, Mississippi. Meet the CFB Guys.

Disclaimer: there’s a lot of Ole Miss footage in this video. This video may not be suitable for small children. Watch at your own risk.

All Ole Miss hatred aside, the CFB Guys are bound for Starkville and they’re looking forward to coming.

Ethan Lee- Hey guys, welcome to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. We're looking forward to welcoming you to Starkville, Mississippi in a couple of short months. So far, how many college campuses have you visited and what has been your most unique experience?

CFB Guys- Man, we have had so many unique experiences, We seriously fall in love with the people every place we go so they are all unique. As a group, we have been to about 10 campuses. We would say that one of the most memorable moments was actually last year at A&M. We got to experience the

Ethan Lee- Recently, y'all were up in Oxford for the Ole Miss-Alabama game. The game you're coming to Starkville for is pretty much the exact opposite of that seeing that this is a Mississippi State-Auburn game. Culturally, what is the biggest difference that you would expect being on the outside looking in at these rivalries?

First let me say that we LOVE college football rivalries!! We have had great experiences with your big rival and if I am being honest, you guys have some big shoes to fill, they treated us great! Of course we heard about your guys while we were there and a lot of the advice we received was something along the lines of, DON'T GO TO STARKVILLE! What else should we expect from your rival?

Here is what we know, Mississippi State fans are passionate about their team and that is what we care about. We are all about experiencing that passion. Based on the what we have seen on Twitter so far, this is going to be a trip to remember for sure! The only thing we are a little questionable about are those cowbells. We might need to get some earplugs, or is that taboo?

Ethan Lee- You've stated that you've heard a lot of wonderful things about Mississippi State (there's a lot of wonderful things to be said about Mississippi State). Which one was the biggest motivator to get y'all to come out to one of our football games?

CFB Guys- Like we said earlier, the passion. We have literally witnessed Twitter wars between Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans. We just don't see that type of passion about football where we are from. We have said this before, but in same ways we feel like we were born in the wrong part of the country. We have known since we went to Oxford that we had to get you on the schedule and we are just thrilled that we are making it happen this year.

Ethan Lee- After Starkville, where is the next big college football game that y'all intend to go visit and document?

CFB Guys- That is a great question. We don't exactly know, but we do have some places that have been on our list for a while like, Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama to name a few.

Ethan Lee- And lastly, who are y'all picking to win?

That is easy, You guys have taken care of business the last two meetings and we don't see any reason why you won't do it again!!

We’re looking forward to having y’all in Starkville. You’ll be hard pressed to find a group of fans that have the same blend of eccentricity, passion, and loyalty that Mississippi State fans do. As for your ears, they’ll be ringing (pun intended) for about a week or so after the game, but it’s worth it.