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Watch Every Throw From Dak Prescott’s Performance Against the Seahawks

The rookie quarterback performed admirably against one of the NFL’s best defense in last night’s preseason game.

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Another preseason game, another solid performance from Dak Prescott for the Cowboys. Last night, Dak threw 116 yards and a touchdown while completing 17 of his 23 passes against the Seattle Seahawks. Though he made some poor throws at times, he was incredibly poised and handled everything that Seattle’s defense threw at him last night.

Dak has become the story of the NFL preseason so far for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s been incredibly poised and has looked far better than what most people thought he would look at this point in his career. Sure, these are preseason games, but he’s performing well in each and every one of them. And that’s something that should be recognized. He’s performing far better than every other rookie quarterback, and he’s had performances that are better than some veterans.

Again, these are just preseason games, but Cowboys fans have to be excited about Dak’s potential. He’s not struggling at all against the “vanilla” defenses that he’s faced thus far in his career, and that should be a good sign for what he might be able to do. So far it looks like they’ve found themselves a solid backup for whenever Tony Romo gets injured.