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For Whom the Podcast Tolls: 2016 Mississippi State Preview Part 1

To kick off the second season of For Whom the Podcast Tolls, Ethan Lee starts a 2016 preview for the Bulldogs.

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Season 2 Episode 1:

Ethan Lee starts to shake off the rust as he starts season two of For Whom the Podcast Tolls by previewing Mississippi State's games against the South Alabama Jaguars, the South Carolina Gamecocks, the LSU Tigers, and the UMass Minutemen. He then transitions and looks at the insane depth of the front seven on Mississippi State's defense and wraps up the episode by answering that listeners send in via twitter.

Feel free to send any and all criticisms, complaints, and cupcakes to Ethan on twitter at @leeethanj. You can tweet any questions and comments about the show to @mstatecast. Follow along and reach out to the entire For Whom the Cowbell Tolls community at @mstatesports.