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Cookout is now Open in Starkville!

One of the nations most under rated chains has made its way to Starkville, Mississippi!

Starkville has recently opened up a new fast food chain called Cookout. The North Carolina chain announced their intentions in November to take over the old Arby’s on Highway 12. Cookout is a fast food restaurant that is known for their hamburgers and milkshakes. One warning to anyone who uses a credit card: Only Mastercard and Visa are accepted and NOT Discover. The Cookout tray is one of the best deals in any fast food restaurant. You can order Hamburger with chicken nuggets and hushpuppies as a side with a milkshake all for around $5-6. Make sure to try this new restaurant the next time you are in the Starkville area. You can start to plan your trip by taking a look at all of their milkshake flavors:

A list of all of the Cookout Milkshakes

Now all Starkville needs is a Rasing Cane’s and a Whataburger. There is already a dedicated twitter account for Whataburger to come to Starkville: