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Mississippi State’s Nick James Reportedly Arrested

Can the offseason please be over? Right now? No more offseason please.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason needs to die. Right now. No more life for the offseason. It’s almost over anyway. But it needs to end right now. Mississippi State’s Nick James, the giant defensive lineman, was reportedly arrested for public intoxication last night.

But then there were reports that there was no record of such an arrest. Which is super weird.

Generally, you know, if arrests happen, there’s records on those things, right? But apparently the record books entered a black hole or something. And now Mississippi State and Dan Mullen are confirming the existence of the arrest (now they just need to join Neil de Grasse Tyson and talk about black holes for a halftime show).

Public intoxication generally isn’t a big thing and of all the things that could happen with football players being arrested, this isn’t a huge deal. However, James does have a slight history of off the field issues.

The offseason needs to end right now. We’ve endured enough of not having college football. Saturday, get here soon, please.