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Dak Prescott Might Start for the Cowboys in Week 1

Tony Romo has a broken bone in his back, and that might open up a chance for Dak to start.

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After 3 weeks of a strong preseason, it looks like Dak Prescott might get a chance to be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. But it’s not for a reason that we’re all that excited about. Tony Romo has reportedly broken a bone in his back, and it could be an injury that lingers with the oft-injured quarterback.

Obviously, we’re not rooting for Romo to be injured, but this is a great opportunity for Dak. It’ll be much more difficult come the regular season if he indeed becomes the starter, but this is something he’s worked his entire football career for.

Assuming that the Dallas Cowboys don’t end up picking up a free agent quarterback, it’ll likely be Dak Prescott starting for the Cowboys in week one against the New York Giants. And that’s something that is both exciting and a little bit terrifying.

The best part of Dak being drafted by the Cowboys was that he’d have a chance to learn behind Romo during his rookie season. But he won’t get that chance this year. Hopefully Dak will be able to develop this season and that everything goes well for him.