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Just for laughs

This is where we store the satire pieces, the posts that are supposed to be funny but probably aren't, and the funny pictures

Bully's Growler: MSU 42, Kentucky 16

Kinda a strange game to be honest. Yes, a blow out but it felt like it wasn't at time. Anyway, many tweets were on point throughout the organized chaos. Let's look...

Paint it Black, MSU vs. UK remix

SEC security guard tackles like five star

You have to give credit to good defense when you see it, and one Tennessee fan saw it up close Saturday night.

Trojan team leaves, large wooden horse appears

It's early on gameday and there's no sight of the Troy Trojan football team, yet a large wooden horse has appeared on the field at Davis Wade Stadium.

Featured Fanshot

MSU vs. Auburn: A very bad hype video

The MSU vs Auburn bad hype video, or Lowered Expectations

A video posted by @cristilmethod on

With the season they are having, Auburn is having to lower its expectations, much like our friends on Mad TV back in the day.

Tommy T. is making amends for 3-2 with POINTS

Patient Zero from the 3-2 game is now attempting to reverse what he did to college football by dispersing points.

Snowboarder Shaun White to start at QB for Auburn

Following the struggles of its starter Jeremy Johnson, Auburn announced Tuesday that it plans to go in a surprising new direction at QB versus Mississippi State.

"Report": Mullen uses final TO on son

Mullen reportedly was forced to use his remaining final timeout from Saturday's loss to LSU when his child would not put his toys away late Sunday.

"Report": Noone standing in front of AJ Jefferson

After his devastating hit on a Southern Miss running back Saturday night, reports have surfaced from around campus of students being too terrified to stand between A.J. Jefferson and what he's after.

8 things you can do before MSU-USM kickoff

You've got plenty of time, STILL.

'Twas the night game at southern

Gather 'round children, and let me tell the classic tale of the Bulldogs late night travels to M.M. Roberts Stadium.

SEC Creates SEC Title Belt, Awards it to Alabama

To make up for lost championships and spice up Saturdays, the SEC has created a new title to be defended weekly.

Dak run play in paradise

Bob Carskadon tells us that Dan Mullen is a big Jimmy Buffett fan. Therefore, here's a Mullen-version of "Cheeseburger in paradise"

You Can Buy A Benardrick McKinney Toy Figurine

Is this legal?

58 ways to pass time until college football

Less than 100 days now remain between us and another year of college football. Here are 58 ways to pass that time.

MSU Student Cooks Bacon In The Middle Of Class

Yeah, I know this isn't sports related, but it's awesome.

Adidas Founder's Nephew Totally Getting Canned

Report: Dan Mullen Loves Taking Selfies

FWtCT has uncovered evidence that suggests that Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen loves taking selfies.

The *definitive* SEC emoji list

In the age of Twitter, you see lots of different emojis, especially used by recruits to announce updates and commitments. We're here to help you identify those, and to hopefully try to establish a definitive list for each SEC school.

Explaining message board talk

There are a lot of phrases, rumors, and "sources" this time of year on message boards. Let me help you understand what certain posts about recruiting mean.

MSU's season as scenes from Home Alone

Because it's Christmas and because I watched Home Alone last night, here's a comparison of each game from this year's Mississippi State football season to scenes from the classic Christmas movie.

Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field... in Minecraft

Just admit it... you've always wondered what DWS would look like if it was recreated in a virtual Lego-styled world.

Screenshots from the 2014 Egg Bowl

Ready, set, find crazy stuff at the 2014 Egg Bowl!

Featured Fanshot

Maybe this is what Dan Mullen said to that official (or maybe not)

We're just kidding. That's TOTALLY unedited footage, so he did say that***.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Root For MSU Today

We need all the help we can get to beat Alabama today so we've given you all the best reasons to root for the Bulldogs.

Bear Bryant hologram to be Gameday guest picker

Sources inside the program are confirming to FWtCT today that the legendary Tide coach will make an appearance on the show in amazing fashion.

Taking a further look* at Garry Smits' voting

We take a closer look at Garry's voting record to determine if he's had issues with ranking others lower than expected in years previous.

Putting Some #CLANGA in the Movies

Replacing a word in movie names is always fun game to play on twitter. It was even more fun when we replaced it with some #CLANGA

College Gameday sign preview

Let's take a look at a few signs that will be making their way to the Junction and TV sets around the country for this Saturday's ESPN College Gameday.

Texas A&M Is Probably A Cult

The Aggies have some strange traditions and there's only one explanation for this: They are a cult.

Dan Mullen enjoys the bye week

Let's see how Dan has spent his bye week after the big win.

Why Dillon Day should be suspended

I have reviewed the footage, and I believe that Dillon Day should be suspended for his actions.